How much longer will you CHOOSE to stay where you are at?

 Are you done waiting for "someday"? 

Feeling too old to start something new? 

Overwhelmed by taking care of everyone else?

Never enough money to follow your wants?

It’s okay to want it all––
because you’re meant to 
have it!

 A life without passion will always feel incomplete, regardless of the blessings it contains.

- A career that doesn't match your creative purpose will never be fulfilling, no matter how successful or talented you are (zone of excellence vs zone of genius).

- A relationship that doesn’t match your desires or values will not make you happy, even if you look like the perfect couple (Pussy Reclamation). 

- No matter how close your friends are, they’ll never know you without knowing your dreams (Good Girl Myth).

Before you show the world your spark, the universe can’t reward the real you.

Blaze The Trail And Make Your Mark

A Strategic 4-Week System To

Unlock Your Passion And Make Your Life Work




 The SPARCC System consists of 5 guided modules for a total of 4 weeks,
featuring 20 daily 30 min group sessions via zoom.



My name is Amber J Lawson, and I am honored to invite you to join this life-changing experience.

Forming the core of Woman on Fire and TRIBE, I created the SPARCC signature system because I know what it's like to desire more. I understand what it’s like to stifle a passion that won’t be quenched and feel a powerful longing that you can’t quite articulate.  

There is nothing more rewarding than following that whisper, which will take you on an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. The same curiosity that brought me to from a small town to Hollywood has led you here–– to discover your purpose and unleash your passion. 

You are here because you’re intuitively aware of your potential to create the life you want. 

Although you can't see the rays, you can feel the sunshine on your face.

Let's have a moonlight bonfire and dance under the stars. 





The SPARCC Signature System will guide you to:

- Uncover what blocks your creativity and motivation, so you can act efficiently to accomplish your goals.

- Allow yourself to try and want new things, so you can start creating and living the dream.

- Define and nurture your actual passion, so you can forge a path that fulfills you.

- Set boundaries and regulate emotions, to stay balanced and focused at all times.

- Release the burden of serving everyone, to save your time and creative energy.

- Trust your gift and request your worth, so you can get on track to financial freedom. 

- Embrace your vulnerability and values to form healthy and lasting relationships. 

- Respect yourself and follow your gut, so you can walk away from bad situations.

- Appreciate flaws in yourself and others, to love and be loved with total abandon.

...and that's just a glimpse!


Learn how to silence your inner critic, abandon negative beliefs, and shift patterns so you can unleash your potential to receive and create freely. 

In the process, you'll transform feelings of guilt, overwhelm, and confusion into blissful intention, joyful clarity, and abundant prosperity. 

SPARCC Clarifying & Tracking Process 

- 30-Min Weekday Zoom to power up your day
- Buddy Support System with individual accountability
- A Vibrant Community that shares your journey 
- Empowering Processes to eradicate self-doubts 
- Real-Life Tools to feel confident in all areas of life
- Transformational Exercises and journal prompts
- Book Suggestions to complement the process

Embrace and balance your masculine and feminine energies, take confident action without burning out, and delegate responsibilities to free up your time and energy. 

Through profound self-care rituals, compassion practice, and powerful emotional work, you will learn to clear trauma, regain trust and affirm your worth to unlock your true potential. 

SPARCC Self-Care Guide

- Compassion Practice
- Affirmation Exercises 
- Practicing Self-Care Rituals
- Feminine & Masculine Energy Work
- Clearing Generational Trauma 
- Dismantling Negative Self Talk
- Trust & Doubt Rewiring
- Planting Seeds Of Prosperity
- Seasonal Ceremonies 
- Embodiment Practice
- Book Suggestions to complement the process

Release the flow of abundance by identifying your relationship with money, dismantling inherited beliefs, and activating your self-worth to request and receive what you desire.

You will invite prosperity and expand your life by removing money flow obstacles, taking control of your vibrational attraction, and leaving room for greater opportunities.

SPARCC Prosperity Process 

- Clarify Where You Are 
- Declare A Specific Financial Intention
- Identify Your Desires 
- Release Limiting Beliefs
- Master The Art Of Allowing
- Rewrite Your Money Story
- Make Outrageous Requests 
- Book Suggestions To Complement The Process

This step will help you heal, build mutual trust, and communicate better to deepen your relationships. If you struggle to express your emotions, needs, and boundaries, this step will give you the perfect formula to protect integrity while resolving interpersonal conflicts.

It will teach you to stop over-analyzing your partner and build confidence, so you can respond to unwelcome behavior from a place of security vs. insecurity.

You will also learn to rely on your partner’s honest love and commitment by trusting your instinct and ability to walk away from harmful situations.

SPARCC Relationship Reboot

- Masks You Wear
- Sacred Tree
- Making Requests
- Sacred Detachment
- Expectation The Thief Of Joy
- 100% Responsibility
- How To Co-Create Any Relationship
- 6 Human Needs
- The 5 Love Languages
- True Commitment 
- Book Suggestions to complement the process

By identifying your true talents and sources of joy, you'll be able to connect them to your purpose, take deliberate action, and excel on your destined path. 

Experience the freedom of following a passion instead of a list of obligations, and how to find peace and contentment whilst connecting with people who want to support and celebrate your true self.

- What does community mean to you?
- What does contribution mean to you?
- Clarify your talent and skills
- Find your why and what matters
- Clarify your passion and purpose
- What are you pretending not to know?
- I, We, All: Mudra
- Transaction vs. Connection
- Continuing Practices
- Book suggestions to complement the process


- Weekly Assessments to track your breakthroughs, progress + routines
- Weekly homework assignments (optional)
- Welcome Ebook
- Group Coaching Calls
- Access to the TRIBE Community










 YOUR PRICE: $1999

Tribe Members: $999


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