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Who knew I’d end up here! It was a mix of strategic luck, personality, and committed action.

Amber J Lawson (Amber J) is a master mindset coach for women who want to uplevel their joy, step into their power, and transform their life. As a powerhouse Entrepreneur and Evocator, Amber J trains Olympic athletes, frontline workers, CEOs, and moms how to live out their purpose with emotional intelligence, love, and abundance.


Amber J’s laughter-filled fiery passion evokes divine inspiration for women to journey deep into their own possibilities and destiny. She created and founded Goddess Process the parent company of Woman On Fire, a conscious company offering an experiential learning environment for women to explore their gifts with innate wisdom. It’s all part of Amber J’s vision to create peace on earth in her lifetime, and like-minded women are invited to join her community, TRIBE, to receive support, accountability, and pathways to transform work, life, and love.

Taking purposeful action is a cornerstone of Amber J’s legacy. When the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic hit, she rallied with her female founding partners to create and launch Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid, raising over $1,000,000 for the comedy community. The 8-hour live stream  featuring Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Whitney Cummings, and 90 additional comics resulted in grants to more than 1000 out-of-work comedians.

As part of Amber J’s mission to do good at scale, she is the founder and CEO of Good Amplified, a social media consultancy exclusively serving nonprofits such as Make-a-Wish and XPRIZE, to create awareness, impact and revenue in building a better world. She is also the co-founder and CEO of Emmy-nominated Comedy Gives Back, an IAWTV winner for Best Live Event.


Amber J has been at the cutting edge of the digital landscape, honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Cynopsis Women in Digital, Top 50 Women in Digital, PGA Top 25 in Digital, and the NATPE Luminary Award as a Digital Media Maven.


With her diverse background and impact, Amber J is a sought-after speaker at corporations and events, she hosts webinars and intensive masterminds, and she creates clarity and accountability for her community with their life-fulfilling goals and inspiration to achieve them.


Amber J shares her life-by-design with her 10-year-old pug named Leo J Tolstoy Lawson #puglife, and her favorite color is hot pink (obviously!)

Alright – so let’s talk business. Let me tell you about Goddess Process – what should you know?

Goddess Process is a transformation company for women who desire a supportive, diverse community as the catalyst to transform various aspects of their life, uplevel their career, and step into their power.


Goddess Process comes from the unique, community-based spiritual framework known as SPRC invented by Amber J Lawson.


  • Self-Care is about filling your cup
  • Prosperity is about money and abundance
  • Relationships with yourself and others
  • Community is about, “what’s your vision for the world?”


Goddess Process is the foundation for the community, immersive experiences, and digital tools that are impacting women around the world.



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