Something's Gotta Change! 

Your CAREER, feeling irrelevant or burnt the f out!

Your PARTNER,  eyeroll, I can’t stand or nonsexual friend

Your PLEASURE, what? Put my needs first 🤷‍♀️

Your BODY, WTF is happening to my body???

Menopause (as I wipe the sweat from my brow) I’m going through THE change


You feel like something is missing.  BUT, no matter what YOU DO you can't get relief.  Do you hear yourself saying "Oh it's all right OR If I can just get to graduation, vacation, this promotion OR FILL IN THE BLANK... I'll be happy"

I know you are FRIED but before you BURN IT ALL DOWN I've got one more thing for you to try.  The only thing is


Question is are you willing to do what it takes to have the happiness you want?


Writing the New rules for this chapter of YOU

Do what YOU want

No one TAUGHT us this 

Learn what YOU want to do, desire and enjoy.

This midlife is a mid awakening!


What is a 

What is a 

Hi Perspective Woman on Fire

So you followed all the rules and now what? 

I’m with ya I was living (what looked like) my best life!  Walking red carpets, presenting on international stages, making lots of money, with a leadership voice in the boardroom. With all of this I STILL felt like something was missing.  But I just didn’t know "how to” fix it or even what “IT” was (because trust me, if I did, I would have attacked it!).  AND really, “how dare I ask for more”.  Sound familiar?  I had followed the rules, so why wasn’t I happy - damn it!

But how? 

Good news!

As a recovering, “Rule Follower” Perfectionist, DO it by myself or it doesn’t count gal, I went to the highest levels of emotional intelligence training in search of and was eventually awarded a PhD in EQ facilitation.  Using the wisdom, exercises and processes gained through my studies I have facilitated the transformation of many lives. 

Over many years-long transformational journey, I discovered many tools and experiences that I filtered down into a process that became my signature SPARC system that IGNITES the next chapter of her WOMAN ON FIRE Mastermind. Woman on Fire was designed to support my powerful entrepreneurial career mama sisters who need help tapping into new areas of their life. What all of these women had in common was following invisible, societal or familial rules. Aka “Good Girl” Amber J facilitates breaking free of these constraints and tapping into your true desires, of the true chapter of YOU.

Through my heart opening, healing, revealing, tactical and outrageous style I support women in identifying what they want and I will support you as you work these NEW MUSCLES and hold you accountable to live this season of YOU! 

     7 months to Identify practice and build the muscles of change

          C - Clarity (no should's)

          H - Healing

          A - Action

          N - New Thought (creating new rules to life)

          G - Growth - 6 human needs

          E - Evolve & Embrace = JOY






"Stop 'SHOULDING' all over yourself and live the life you ACTUALLY want! How much longer are you willing to wait - You are NOT guaranteed tomorrow."

-Amber J 


Each month breakdown of the tools to practice as we make changes

Break the Good Girl Myth, Pussy: A Reclamation, The Big Leap

Monthly 1 on 1 call with Amber J

30 day Acceleration program - Self Care, Prosperity, Abundance, Relationships, Community, Contribution

Bi-monthly sacred sister gatherings to be heard, share, dance, & reflect

Connecting with other successful women embarking on a new chapter of life - bonds that last a lifetime

Woman on Fire Mastermind is 7 month Mastermind

3 months active - 1 month integration - 3 months active


  • 1 - 1 hour 1 on 1 onboarding with Amber J

  •  4 - 2 hour masterminds group zoom calls (8 hours)

  •  CHANGE Modules in constant rotation (see video)

  •  7 - 30 min (monthly) 1 on 1 coaching call with Amber J

  •  Laser coaching sessions with Amber J during weekly group mastermind hours

  •  Access to the Private Facebook Messenger Group

  •  LIFETIME ACCESS to the WOF & Tribe Online Portal


SPARC - 30 day Acceleration Program ($4999 value) Learn More


ACCESS to TRIBE ($750 value) which includes Learn More

  • 2 - 1 hour monthly TRIBE SESSIONS
    • Full Moon Goddess Church
    • Sacred Sister Circle


Coaching ($999 value) One (1) Complimentary coaching session for your business partner, friend or loved one; 

Women on Fire Goal Tracking Document ($1450 value);  

Find Your Purpose Workshop ($1250 value); 

Goddess Process Self Guided ($999 value)

How much longer are you willing to wait for your life to begin...



You want to CHANGE.
You are READY to do whatever it takes.
You are a woman in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and have NO FUKS to give
You are burnt out and ready to do something about it.
You are exhausted doing for others and ready to do YOU.
You know something has to CHANGE but not sure how
Or you keep trying to CHANGE but keep going back to old habits, people or beliefs


What Kind of

What Kind of






More Questions About Woman On Fire: 

About Amber J...

Amber J Lawson is a master mindset coach for women who want to uplevel their joy, step into their power, and transform their life. As a powerhouse Entrepreneur and Evocator, Amber J created and founded Goddess Process, a conscious company for women to explore their gifts and innate wisdom within an experiential learning environment.

As part of Amber J’s vision for peace on earth within her lifetime and her mission to do good at scale, she is also the founder and CEO of Good Amplified, and co founder and CEO of Comedy Gives Back. She has been at the cutting edge of the digital landscape, honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Cynopsis Women in Digital, Top 50 Women in Digital, PGA Top 25 in Digital, and the NATPE Luminary Award as a Digital Media Maven.

Amber J is a sought-after speaker at corporations and events, she hosts webinars and intensive masterminds, and she creates clarity and accountability for her community with their life-fulfilling goals and inspiration to achieve them.

Learn More About Amber J
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